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Shared Talent =  Shared Success

Hirevisor is a pooled talent network that grows more robust with each company that opts into it. We enable companies to find quality, actionable candidates in a data-driven way, all while delivering a stellar candidate experience at scale.

Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

Our unique platform maximizes your talent pool and makes the most out of your candidates. By simply opting into the Hirevisor network, the recruiting process improves for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, I get the gist of things from the homepage. How long does it take to get up and running with Hirevisor?

After you have had an inital chat with one our our consultants, we can have you up and running with Hirevisor in less than 10 minutes! There are only 3 steps:

  1. We provision you a company account and make sure all your candidate-facing company information is correct
  2. We create user accounts for the recruiters you want to have access to the platform, and
  3. We trade API keys with your applicant tracking system (ATS). See the Greenhouse FAQ here as an example.

When do candidates receive invites to join Hirevisor?

Candidates will automatically receive an invite to join Hirevisor a few days after your have rejected them in your applicant tracking system. We strike a friendly tone in the invite email, and we want to help you help candidates land their next play. It's a great way to boost candidate engagement and enhance your overall candidate experience for folks who aren't a fit for your company.

Technical Notes:

  • We do not invite candidates with the same email address that matches your company name eg: [email protected] will not be invited if he was rejected from the Hirevisor ATS

Do I have control over which candidates receive invites to Hirevisor?

By default, we send invites to all candidates who are rejected from your application process. That said, we do have controls at settings that will allow you to prevent invites from being sent for specific roles (eg: they are confidential hires), for specific titles (eg: if there is senstivity around senior level hires), or to specific candidates. Contact us at [email protected] or drop us a line in the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of your screen if you have more specific questions about this.

Are you GDPR compliant? What about Data Privacy in general?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms for the legal specifics. Candidates have complete control over whether they want to accept their invite to join Hirevisor, and they also have complete control over how their profile appears in search results.

What happens when I connect with a candidate?

  1. The candidate received an email indicating that you are interested in connecting with them. If the candidate has elected to automatically accept connection requests, this step is bypassed and we will connect you with the candidate directly via email
  2. The candidate will show up as a connection in My Matches
  3. If you have connected your applicant tracking system, the candidate will automatically be pushed as a record!

Why should I spend time using Hirevisor versus all the other tools out there?

  • Hirevisor was founded on the premise that the current talent ecosystem is inefficient. We want to connect top candidates with great companies at the opportune moment. We do this by automatically connecting recruiters with candidates who have previously performed well in their interviews. As a recruiter, you have a window of time to opt out of this request. Similarly, all the candidates on our talent exchange have high intent, and they are excited to connect with great companies like yours.
  • We also allow candidates to self-report EEOC data. For those companies that have initiaves around building diverse teams, Hirevisor provides a high-ROI tool to help achieve this goal

How much does Hirevisor cost?

We have a list subscription price for companies that simply want to search through our database of candidates, and we offer a heavily discounted subscription for companies that allow us to integrate with their ATS and invite their rejected candidates to Hirevisor. Request a demo today to learn more.

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